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Last updated on September 26, 2016 16:00

Triggers are used to setup background actions for bot conversations. They get associated with a bot response through a button.

Following triggers are supported


Connect your Apps, Websites or services to Smugglr bot. The webhooks are powered by triggers. Depending on the action buttons in the bot flow different http requests can be initiated. More details


Used to send email notifications. When a button is tapped. More details here:


Associates a tag with a user. For example: A user who agrees to opt for a weekly digest of content can be tagged as weekly-subscriber. More details here:


Increases or decreases a numerical value on user action. For example: User adding multiple items to checkout basket. More details here:


Starts a user session for a particular action. The scope/context of the conversation is mentioned while the user session is on. For example: An e-commerce bot starting a feedback conversation with the user. The user will need to end the session explicitly to start shopping again. More details here:


Converts Rss feed into gallery templates. Used for building digests. More details here:


Collects user phone number. Which can then be associated with his Facebook messenger profile. More details here:

Bot: Bot state

Use it to disconnect your bot from the conversation. Can be used when a human agent has taken over the conversation or for any other reason you might want to mute the bot. More details here: