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Facebook Auto Responder

Last updated on August 09, 2017 08:48

Auto responder sends a direct message to the users who are commenting on your Facebook page posts. It targets engaged users and adds them to a measurable bot funnel.

Use cases

Acquiring bot subscribers

Users who reply to the auto responder messages, gets converted into bot subscribers. A broadcast or Opt-in message can be send to these subscribers from the bot.


Auto responder messages can contain deep links, promotional or discount codes. But a user only converts to a bot subscriber after he has replied to an auto responder message.

How it works

Follow the instructions in the video to get started on the bot builder


  • The Facebook posts feed shows maximum of 25 posts at a time.
  • The search feature can be used to fetch any posts, beyond the 25 posts listed on the page.
  • Opt-in message is optional. But can trigger other user funnels.
  • Auto responder messages can contain deep links, promotional and marketing content like coupon codes.

Facebook posts ID

To find the Post ID for a Post on your Page you will need to click on the time stamp of the Post, it will take you to the post and the Post ID will be in the URL.