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Bot builder

Last updated on September 26, 2016 15:59

The bot builder is a click and edit system to build a conversation flow. Its independent of the messenger platform. Once your conversation flow is build you can deploy to different messenger platforms. There will be some changes as per the features and properties supported by each platform.

Some key points

Take note

  • Remember to publish the bot before interacting with the bot.
  • Setting a welcome and fallback message for the bot is necessary.

Two operation modes

Draft mode

  • Add different type of messages.
  • Supports text, video, image and audio attachments.
  • Make edit and updates to the messages.
  • Test the bot by sending messages to test/admin users.
  • Associate trigger action with conversational buttons.
  • Set keyword based messages and triggers.
  • Setup consecutive conversations.

Published mode

  • Takes the bot live, or publishes the bot.
  • Associate 'Welcome' and 'Fallback' messages.
  • You wont be able to do any edits in this mode. Read only.
  • Initiate broadcast to subscribers / test users or admins