Create Your Bot In 2 Minutes

Smugglr lets you to create a Messenger bot without coding. Simple visual interface make sure that you don’t have to worry about the technical details.


Broadcast Messages to Thousands of Subscribers

Users become subscribers - Every time someone starts chatting with your page or accepts to connect on messenger from your blog or website.

Send news, content updates, valuable notifications or anything else, that your users subscribed to.


Sit Back and Schedule Your Messages.

No time for managing your broadcasts? No worries, just scheduled the messages in advance and Smugglr will take care of delivering your content on time.


Automate post from RSS, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Automatically post feeds from content sources to your Messenger bot.

For example, connect the RSS feed of your blog to Smugglr and we’ll do a Messenger broadcast every time you post something new.


All tools to create engaging experiences on Messenger.

Smugglr works in tune with latest Facebook guidelines syncing perfectly with Messenger. Supporting: text, pictures, links, messages with buttons, horizontal slider cards.


Keywords based Replies

Make your bot more functional with keyword replies. It’s easy: just set up a keyword and define a reply. Assign speacial actions to set text commands

You can use this to create keyword menus, content catalogs and even text-based games. The only limit is your imagination.


Build and segment subscriber lists.

The subscriber list is simialar to a mailing list. We make it easy to send people content they care about. Resulting in maximizing response, while minimizing annoyance.


Save money by replacing SMS notifications.

Send receipts and transactional messages over chat. Track message deliveries and build upon user analytics to better serve customers.